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  • June 4, 2015


Rwanda herself cannot find a long lasting peace unless the neighboring countries are stable. The conflicts which resulted to the 1994 Genocide were similar to the same conflicts that are in Burundi and Congo today and the 3 countries have same background history such as the Belgian colonial legacy.  REACH Rwanda work are carried out in the following districts Kirehe, Kayonza, Bugesera, Nyanza and Rwamagana Districts.



The country of Burundi has been suffering from ethnical conflicts over the last 30 years and hundreds of thousands people have been killed as a result of their conflicts.

Their problems are very similar as Rwandans except that Rwanda today has overcome the violence and is engaged now with reconstruction and development in dealing with the aftermath of the genocide, otherwise Rwanda and Burundi share a big part of their history.  It is in this context that REACH Rwanda judged important to expand their mission to Burundi.


The Rwandan militias and defeated soldiers fled to Congo and are still in Congo today causing a lot of problems to the Congolese people. People of the 2 countries living on borders of Congo and Rwanda share many things including language, schools, business and trading.

In Rwanda, we have a lot of Congolese community doing different jobs and business and Rwandans are doing the same thing in Congo. In summary, we have a lot of things that we share in common with our Congolese brothers and sisters thus the ministry of REACH could be essential and fruitful to both countries.


South Sudan

Like Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DRC, South Sudan has its fair share of internal conflicts.  In May 2015, Rev. Philbert was invited by a friend of his ( Rev. Jeff Gill) from Seattle in USA who was appointed by the Episcopal Church in USA together with the office of the Anglican communion in London, UK to go to Kakuma Refugee camp to lead a workshop on the culture of peace in South Sudan.

The participants were pastors mainly from the Anglican church who are refugees, some of whom have been there for over 20 years. During the workshop, I realise that the division among them were still palpable.

“I felt connection already and can’t wait for another opportunity to go back and perhaps conduct a workshop or take with me some of the reconciled people in Rwanda (survivors and genocide offenders) to share their stories of forgiveness and confession, and how Jesus changed them.” said Rev. Philbert.

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