USA’S Reach To Rwanda
June 14, 2017
Restoration justice
June 14, 2017

Training for healing and reconciliation target various groups including genocide survivors, genocide perpetrators, HIV victims, refugees and other groups in need.  Through healing and reconciliation seminars, community leaders and those deeply affected by the conflicts and hardships (e.g. survivors and perpetrators of the genocide) are provided with the opportunity of learning and relationship building.  The main healing and reconciliation seminar topics include:

  • Analysis of the root causes of violent conflicts in Rwanda,
  • The church and Rwandan conflicts,
  • The fundamentals of reconciliation with God with self and with their neighbour

Conflict Transformation seminars focus on:

  • Restorative Justice,
  • Trauma Healing and Counselling,
  • Empower Counselling programme HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
  • Poverty Reduction and development

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