Phelomene Uwamariya

I want to thank and praise God, and want to thank REACH and Pastor Kalisa because he obeyed God’s calling. When bad things happen, there are always consequences. Most of us are all struggling with many things. During the Genocide, many houses were destroyed including mine and others here, and we are facing challenges with shelter; some are living in incomplete houses, many are renting, and some live in old houses that are barely standing.
God has used you (REACH) to do many things already. We believe that God can do greater things in the future. A second challenge is about our children, both biological and orphans that have been adopted.
It is hard to find enough food to feed them and our kids are starving. Malnutrition is a big problem in Rwanda. Kids are often sent home from school because of failure to meet nutrition needs. We also don’t have enough money for scholastic supplies. There is also a problem with medical insurance. Many victims have incurable disease from the Genocide that they need treatment for. Medical insurance has increased and many of us cannot afford anymore. Our future is in God hands, he is the one who can provide for us and we trust in Him. I want to ask for your prayers because we have so much as we have come from far only by God’s grace.

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