Prisca is a Tutsi survivor woman from Nyamata, she lost 5 children and her husband. She attended REACH training for healing and reconciliation and was healed and able to forgive after some months, and here is her testimony:

The Genocide against the Tutsis was well prepared; the Hutus killed Tutsis, from babies to old, girls and women, boys and teenagers; People were brutally killed. My 4 children and husband were killed in a terrible way. I was beaten up, humiliated and raped by a number of men and lost conscience for weeks and weeks. When I recovered I also wanted to die with them but I wasn’t lucky, though I was almost dead! The death run away from me.

People were burned in their houses, drowned, cut into pieces with machetes. I know some of you were mutilated & raped, and contracted HIV, ovarian cancer, and other diseases during genocide.

This Genocide was prepared beforehand. My group and fellow trainees of REACH, we are mixed here and some of you, your husbands were involved, some of you go into prisons to visit your husbands every week; and those are the one’s who killed our families and left us childless and husbandless; Tutsis were dehumanized. Some you fled after the genocide and came back with your families, I didn’t know I could cope living with you again.

Only God can heal our wounds because he is the only one who can understand our sufferings, pain and sorrow. We widows were angry, sad, and had too much to bear. Today I thank God for Pastor Philbert Kalisa, he came, preached, taught us love and forgiveness. We Could not understand where we could get forgiveness from. He taught us it is from God and eventually through prayers God healed and gave us the power to forgive. That’s why we started working together.

When working together, we do not have time to think about divisions anymore. Pastor Philbert stood between us Tutsi and Hutu, and said, “why are you in conflict? You are all Rwandese, you are sisters in Christ, you were created in the image of God.” Because of REACH, we were able to reconcile and united in Christ. I have chosen to forgive not because I am forced to do it but because it gives me freedom and life with joy and peace.

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