Francoise Cyiza

(a Hutu woman whose husband is still in prison for the genocide crime, among the people he killed in the 1994 genocide were Prisca’s family).

Our Husbands were involved in the Genocide, and were imprisoned. We found ourselves living together with the Tutsi women. Our husbands had killed theirs. We were afraid of them, and always running away instead of meeting them. REACH came, and united us. Some of our Tutsis sisters forgave us from their hearts. They came to us in our fear and gave us food to take to our husbands in prison and this was a shock to me.

Before coming to REACH training, I was fearing them very much but now I sit with them share food and everything, therefore I thank God for REACH. Then Francoise stood up and brought up a tall Tutsi woman whose name is Rose, and they stood together with their arms around each other. Francoise said: Every time I would see this woman coming towards me on street, I would take another route.

Now we are friends and love each other because she forgave me and although I asked forgiveness on my part I am also asking for forgiveness on behalf of my husband who killed some members of the families. This forgiveness is only possible through God’s love and I thank God for this ministry of REACH.

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