Self sustainability

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  • June 4, 2015

Conference Halls and public gardens

REACH Center for Unity and Peace ( Kiberinka cultural center Ltd ), is a venue where conferences, meetings, retreat, training, Sunday services, weddings, parties and celebrations take place. The center is used to fulfill the mission of REACH and also serves other users for REACH’s self- sustainability’s purposes. As more people use the center, they learn about the work of REACH especially its role in promoting forgiveness, healing and peace building in Rwanda.

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Kiberinka has 18 self-contained accommodation rooms, each with a balcony, TV, Internet connection, quiet, clean and beautiful location with a nice view.

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Restaurant & Bar

The center has a restaurant & Bar where various people come to enjoy a nice cuisine and barbecue. People eat either inside or outside in the garden or under mango tree. A part from those who come for conferences and eat buffet according to their orders, otherwise people do order their food straight either from the menu or just barbecue which is mainly goat, beef, fish, chicken and potatoes or banana (grilled of fried).

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